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Marc-Andre Lemburg wrote:
> 1. The security implications in all this is being somewhat overemphasized.
> There are many ways you can do a DoS attack on web servers. It's the
> responsibility of the used web frameworks and servers to deal with
> the possible cases.
> It's a good idea to provide some way to protect against hash
> collision attacks, but that will only solve one possible way of
> causing a resource attack on a server.
> There are other ways you can generate lots of CPU overhead with
> little data input (e.g. think of targeting the search feature on
> many Zope/Plone sites).
> In order to protect against such attacks in general, we'd have to
> provide a way to control CPU time and e.g. raise an exception if too
> much time is being spent on a simple operation such as a key insertion.
> This can be done using timers, signals or even under OS control.
> The easiest way to protect against the hash collision attack is by
> limiting the POST/GET/HEAD request size.

For GET and HEAD, web servers normally already apply such limitations
at rather low levels:

So only HTTP methods which carry data in the body part of the HTTP
request are effected, e.g. POST and various WebDAV methods.

> The second best way would be to limit the number of parameters that a
> web framework accepts for POST/GET/HEAD request.

Depending on how parsers are implemented, applications taking
XML/JSON/XML-RPC/etc. as data input may also be vulnerable, e.g.
non validating XML parsers which place element attributes into
a dictionary or a JSON parser that has to read the JSON version of
the dict I generated earlier on.
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