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The core of the problem is that we don't just want those methods to be atomic or thread-safe, but reentrant (or rather async-safe).
As such, protecting by a lock isn't enough (and it's not really feasible in Python).

Note that the RLock implementation already checks whether the lock is already acquire by the current thread, but there's a "race":
if self._owner == me:
    self._count = self._count + 1
    return 1
rc = self._block.acquire(blocking, timeout)
if rc:
    self._owner = me

If the signal handler is called after _block has been acquired, but before self._owner is set, the next call to acquire from the signal handler won't "realize" that the block has already been acquired by the current thread, and will deadlock.

Now, the fun part: this affects not only RLock, but every Python code performing "atomic" actions: condition variables, barriers, etc. There are some constraints on what can be done from a signal handler, and it should probably be documented.

Note that another solution would be to use a dedicated thread for signal management (like Java does), but that's another story.

Also, this shouldn't be a problem for the buffered I/O code, since the code already accounts for this possibility (if the lock is already acquired by the current thread, an exception is raised).

Now, there's something I don't understand: I've just had a quick look, but AFAICT, there's no reason why the C version of RLock could not be available: am I missing something? Why do we even have a Python implementation?
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