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Author giampaolo.rodola
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Date 2012-01-02.13:55:32
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What I would do:

- build the namedtuple in Python rather than in C
- I don't particularly like CamelCased names for nametuples (I would use "size" instead of "TerminalSize")
- on UNIX, the ioctl() stuff can be done in python rather than in C
- use C only on Windows to deal with GetStdHandle/GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo; function name should be accessed as nt._get_terminal_size similarly to what we did for shutil.disk_usage in issue12442.
- do not raise NotImplementedError; if the required underlying functions are not available os.get_terminal_size should not exists in the first place (same as we did for shutil.disk_usage / issue12442)

Also, I'm not sure I like fallback=(80, 25) as default, followed by:

            size = query_terminal_size(sys.__stdout__.fileno())
        except OSError:
            size = TerminalSize(fallback)

That means we're never going to get an exception.
Instead I would:
- provide fallback as None
- let OSError propate unless fallback is not None
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