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Date 2011-12-29.13:45:48
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IIUC, the deadlock avoidance code just checks that acquiring a
per-module lock won't create a cycle.
However, I think there's a race, because the cycle detection and the
lock acquisition is not atomic.

For example, let's say we have a thread exactly here in in
        PyThread_acquire_lock(lock->lock, 1);
        /* thread inside PyEval_RestoreThread(), waiting for the GIL */
    assert(lock->level == 0);
    lock->tstate = tstate;

It owns the lock, but hasn't yet updated the lock's owner
(lock->tstate), so another thread calling detect_circularity() will
think that this lock is available, and will proceed, which can
eventually lead to a deadlock.

Also, I think that locks will use POSIX semaphores on systems that
support only a limited number of them (such as FreeBSD 7), and this
might fail in case of nested imports (the infamous ENFILE). I'd have
to double check this, though.
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