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I believe #3555, #7338, and *13644 are basically duplicates of this issue. I have left this one open because it has a try at a patch. I think any patch should be tested with the other examples.

I agree with Antoine that an intentional exit is not a crash.
I also agree that the current procedure is not really a bug either. According to the language spec, the interpreter should recurse forever;-), just like "while True: pass" iterates 'forever'. Given that it does not due to finite limitations, the exact alternate behavior is undefined.

Now, if someone can find a way to better handle infinite recursion mixed with exceptions, without re-introducing real crashes or eliminating the benefits of the 3.0 changes, great.

Yury, I think Antoine's point is that gracefully handling all the different kinds of programming mistakes in a finite system is a delicate and difficult balancing act.
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