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Date 2011-12-23.20:13:29
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This would make the IDLE shell interface more consistent with the original interpreter. 

Presently, the ">>> " prompt is faked by "showprompt" in It relies on "sys" from the IDLE gui process and not from the "sys" in the subprocess, so mimicking the changed prompt would require querying the subprocess for its sys.ps1 and sys.ps2. The "enter_callback" method will need modification to remove sys.ps2 from the text buffer before execution. Also, has code for handling sys.ps1 in "smart_backspace_event" and "newline_and_indent_event". 

If anything, this shell-specific, prompt-handling code needs some refactoring as it should only be in, not in
Issue13039 is a result of prompt code side-effects in
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