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Author pitrou
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Date 2011-12-21.10:35:16
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Thanks for the patch. Since you modified PyCFunction_GET_SELF to return NULL for static methods, why not simply use it instead of manually looking up the flags in several places?

I'm talking about the following changes:

-    PyObject *self = PyCFunction_GET_SELF(func);
+    int flags = PyCFunction_GET_FLAGS(func);
+    PyObject *self = flags & METH_STATIC ? NULL :
+        _PyCFunction_GET_RAW_SELF(func);


     self = m->m_self;
-    if (self == NULL)
+    if (self == NULL || PyCFunction_GET_FLAGS(m) & METH_STATIC)
         self = Py_None;


-            PyObject *self = PyCFunction_GET_SELF(func);
+            PyObject *self = flags & METH_STATIC ? NULL :
+                _PyCFunction_GET_RAW_SELF(func);

Unless you demonstrate there's a significant performance improvement in this style, we should really favour the simpler style.
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