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> I'm not sure why having a locale set to C or something invalid should be considered a Python bug. 

Programs like bzr that hit these problems can tell their users, either in the docs or an error message, "change your locale to a UTF-8 one".

There are two problems with this: one is just the practical one that it scales poorly to have to tell every user to do this and to take them through working out how to set this in a way that covers cron jobs, daemons, things run over ssh, etc.

The other problem is that the locale variables primarily describe the locale for input/output, and that can very reasonably be different from the filesystem encoding.  As a specific common example people may have UTF-8 filenames but want a C locale terminal.  If there was a separate LC_FILENAMES then Python could respect that and insist people set it, but there isn't.
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