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Date 2011-12-20.21:33:33
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I went through the changes in "idlelib20101012_From_r32a3.patch". 

A lot of the changes are for using relative imports. Those changes aside, here is a list of issues that this patch covers. Most of these issues already have patches that are included in the large patch.,
    issue964437 - "idle help is modal",,
    issue1207589 - "Right Click Context Menu"
    patch in issue1612262 - "Class Browser doesn't show internal classes"
    patch in issue1721083 - "Add File - Reload"
    patch in issue6699 - "IDLE: Warn user about overwriting a file that has a newer version on filesystem"
    patch in issue4832 - "idle filename extension"
    - use "subprocess" module - already fixed in issue12540
    - patch for "paste_callback" in issue3359 - "Pasted \n not same as typed \n"
    - fix for issue6698 "IDLE no longer opens only an edit window when configured to do so"
There are two major changes that are not covered by other issues (AFAIK). 
1) The "PseudoStderrFile" in brings the shell forward if an error occurs. I like this behavior.
2) Run a script without saving it first. This functionality is scattered across several files.

There are several other small tweaks in the patch that will need some review. 

If I missed anything, please add a comment.
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