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Currently when running Python on a non-OSX posix environment under either the C locale, or with an invalid or missing locale, it's not possible to operate using unicode filenames outside the ascii range. Using bytes works, as does reading expecting unicode, using the surrogates hack.

This makes robustly working with non-ascii filenames on different platforms needlessly annoying, given no modern nix should have problems just using UTF-8 in these cases.

See the downstream bzr bug for more:

One option is to just use UTF-8 for encoding and decoding filenames when otherwise ascii would be used. As a strict superset, this shouldn't break too many existing assumptions, and it's unlikely that non-UTF-8 filenames will accidentally be mangled due to a locale setting blip. See the attached patch for this behaviour change. It does not include a test currently, but it's possible to write one using subprocess and overriden LANG and LC_ALL vars.
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