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I am running 3.2.2 on 64-bit Win7Pro, which should not make a difference. So why did ^H work right for me yesterday and not for Marco today.

Retrying with fresh IDLEs I discovered the following: selections do not initially appear in the find part of a Replace box (^H). But after selecting and opening a Find box (^F) with something selected, the same text appears in Replace boxes regardless of the actual selection, even if there is no selection -- until another Find box is opened.

So I was fooled yesterday because I tried ^F first to see what the 'correct' behavior was and then did ^H with the same selection. And I did the same in both Shell and Edit windows. When testing, order matters ;-).

I discovered something else I am not sure is what we want. Clicking Find in a Replace box leaves the box open so one can Find again. Clicking Find in a Find box closes it. So you need ^F and Find to re-search.
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