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Author zbysz
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Date 2011-12-16.16:09:27
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This is proof-of-concept implementation.

This adds two modules: termsize (python) and _termsize (C). The first one contains the get_terminal_size user-facing function and namedtuple definition. The second on contains the function query_terminal_size which does the real job.

Two simple tests are added. I'm not sure if it is feasible to test with different terminal sizes: it certainly _could_ be done, e.g. by launching an xterm with a specified geometry, but this would be much
more complicated than this implementation, so probably not worth it.

This was only tested on 64-bit linux, seems to work.

I'm not sure how to the configure tests should be done: right now the presence of <sys/ioctl.h> is checked, and it is used. If not available, 
<conio.h> is checked, and used. Otherwise NotImplementedError is thrown.

Would be nice to test on a mac and other systems, but I don't have one available at the moment unfortunately.

I think that the python part ( should be either merged with (or whatever home we find for this function), or rewritten in C in _termsizemodule.c and only imported into os. But since it hasn't yet been decided where this should go, keeping it separate is easier for now.
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