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Date 2011-12-15.21:20:47
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Updated to resolve most of Victor's concerns, but this meant enough changes that I'm not sure it quite counts as editorial only.

A few questions that I couldn't answer:

(1)  Upon string creation, do we want to *promise* to discard the UTF-8 and wstr, so that the caller can memory manage?

(2)  PyUnicode_AS_DATA(), Py_UNICODE_strncpy, Py_UNICODE_strncmp seemed to be there in the code I was looking at.

(3)  I can't justify the born-deprecated function "PyUnicode_AsUnicodeAndSize".  Perhaps rename it with a leading underscore?  Though I'm not sure it is really needed at all.

(4)  I tried to reword the "for compatibility" ... "redundant" part ... but I'm not sure I resolved it.
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