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2011/12/15 Stefan Krah <>

> Stefan Krah <> added the comment:
> Amaury has asked for more comments (and I agree). However, I'm not sure
> what
> level of detail would be appropriate. As an example, I've posted the full
> proof of the x87 modular multiplication in umodarith.h.
> Even with the Coq parts stripped, this would still be a massive comment.
> Would you prefer that level of detail or should I just post the core
> of the algorithm?

For my part, a two-lines description of the purpose of file is enough.
Something like
"Routines for the reverse transmogrification of randomized digits,
used in multiplication of numbers above 2**32 bits"
Or something else that makes sense :-)

At least something that makes it clear that I don't have to read further if
I'm only interested in the definition of Python classes for example.
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