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Date 2011-12-13.14:11:10
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Thanks for splitting the patch.
I tried to apply the patch to 3.2 and I have 3 comments:
1) you changed a commented-out assertEqual with an assertNotEqual, because "ULAW is lossy compression, so frames *may* not match".  Does it mean that sometimes they might match and make the test fail or that they are always different for this specific test?  In the first case the test should make sure to have a consistent result and avoid sporadic failures.  In the second case the check could be removed altogether, because producing different results is not a feature of the format, but just a detail that depends on the input.
2) when I run the tests I now get 3 warnings:
Warning: bad COMM chunk size
Warning: bad COMM chunk size
Warning: MARK chunk contains only 0 markers instead of 1
These should be silenced, or better, tested with self.assertWarns (assertWarns should silence them too).
3) there's some trailing space just before test_write_header_comptype_raises.
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