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Author meador.inge
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Date 2011-12-13.05:57:55
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For the most part this looks OK, but I am not sure about this hunk:

diff --git a/Objects/typeobject.c b/Objects/typeobject.c
--- a/Objects/typeobject.c
+++ b/Objects/typeobject.c
@@ -3724,7 +3724,7 @@ add_methods(PyTypeObject *type, PyMethod
             descr = PyDescr_NewClassMethod(type, meth);
         else if (meth->ml_flags & METH_STATIC) {
-            PyObject *cfunc = PyCFunction_New(meth, NULL);
+            PyObject *cfunc = PyCFunction_New(meth, (PyObject*)type);
             if (cfunc == NULL)
                 return -1;
             descr = PyStaticMethod_New(cfunc);

That may be a breaking change as existing code may rely on the 'None' behavior.  In 
fact, this causes a unit test to fail with the patch applied:

[meadori@motherbrain cpython]$ ./python -m test test_descr
[1/1] test_descr
test test_descr failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/meadori/src/python/cpython/Lib/test/", line 1485, in test_staticmethods_in_c
    self.assertEqual(x, None)
AssertionError: <class 'xxsubtype.spamlist'> != None

sbt, have you been running the test suite before submitting patches?  If not, then
please do.
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