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Date 2011-12-12.16:20:21
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> Couldn't this be linked to #11564 (pickle not 64-bit ready)?

Well, I don't know anything about numpy, but:

>>> 196 * 240000
>>> 196 * 240000 * 8   # assuming 8 bytes per float
>>> 2**31

So it seems unlikely to be the explanation. After all the report says ">1GB" for the file size, which is still comfortably in the capabilities of a 32-bit module.

Philipp, perhaps you could try to run Python under gdb and try to diagnose where the MemoryError occurs?

Also, posting the disassembly (using pickletools.dis()) of a very small equivalent pickle (e.g. of randn(2,3)) could help us know what is involved.
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