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Date 2011-12-10.17:59:32
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> Note sure about icon vs. text (“Warning:”) vs. colors.  I think an
> icon would be as scary as the current big color boxes.  I like Ezio’s
> change + Antoine’s indenting suggestion.

An icon will only be scary if you chopse a scary one. A "warning" icon
can simply be an exclamation mark or something (*). It would be less
prominent than a box with a red background, while still clearly
separating the warning from the rest of the text (something which a too
small indentation does not).

Icons or drawings also make text documents less austere, which is a good
thing. There are lots of free icon sets out there, so Ezio doesn't have
to train his art skills ;)

(*) to get an idea, search "exclamation mark icon" with Google Images
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