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Le 09/12/2011 22:12, Stefan Krah a écrit :
> The bottleneck in _decimal is (res is ascii):
>     PyUnicode_FromString(res);
> PyUnicode_DecodeASCII(res) has the same performance.
> With this function ...
>    static PyObject*
> unicode_fromascii(const char* s, Py_ssize_t size)
> {
>      PyObject *res;
>      res = PyUnicode_New(size, 127);
>      if (!res)
>          return NULL;
>      memcpy(PyUnicode_1BYTE_DATA(res), s, size);
>      return res;
> }
> ... I get the same performance as with Python 2.7 (5.85s)!

The problem is that  unicode_fromascii() is unsafe: it doesn't check 
that the string is pure ASCII. That's why this function is private.

Because of the PEP 383, ASCII and UTF-8 decoders (PyUnicode_DecodeASCII 
and PyUnicode_FromString) have to first scan the input to check for 
errors, and then do a fast memcpy. The scanner of these two decoders is 
already optimized to process the input string word by word (word=the C 
long type), instead of byte by byte, using a bit mask.


You can write your own super fast ASCII decoder using two lines:

     res = PyUnicode_New(size, 127);
     memcpy(PyUnicode_1BYTE_DATA(res), s, size);

(this is exactly what unicode_fromascii does)

> I think it would be really beneficial for C-API users to have
> more ascii low level functions that don't do error checking and
> are simply as fast as possible.

It is really important to ensure that a ASCII string doesn't contain 
characters outside [U+0000; U+007F] because many operations on ASCII 
string are optimized (e.g. UTF-8 pointer is shared with the ASCII pointer).

I prefer to not expose such function or someone will use it without 
understanding exactly how dangerous it is.

Martin and other may disagree with me.

Do you know Murphy's Law? :-)
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