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> I’ll commit my doc patch to all branches later.

OK, great.

> I checked the 4 red 3.3 builbots and they can’t build _lzma.

For the record, the 3.x buildbots that currently aren't able to build the
_lzma module are:

* x86 Ubuntu Shared
* sparc solaris10 gcc
* AMD64 Snow Leopard 2
* x86 debian parallel
* ARM Ubuntu
* x86 Tiger
* AMD64 OpenIndiana
* x86 OpenIndiana
* x86 FreeBSD 7.2
* x86 FreeBSD 6.4

Additionally, the AMD64 debian bigmem, PPC Tiger and PPC Leopard builders
have been offline/broken since before changeset 74d182cf0187 was committed.
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