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Date 2011-12-08.01:12:08
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I want the app name to be displayed under the icon in Alt+Tab menu, but currently it only displays the className of the root, which by default is "Tk". So in Gnome3 all Tkinter apps show up as "Tk" in the panel and in the Alt+Tab menu.

It is possible to override that to some extent by giving className attribute to Tk(), but I don't know what the side effects are and it doesn't preserve capitalization of the name - the first letter is capital, but all others are small. Moreover, default title of the window is taken from the className by making first letter small and leaving the rest as given, so at the end nothing is as intended.

E.g., if I give calssName="APP", the app is called "App", but windows title is "aPP".

There should be a way to give this information, but I don't see it exposed anywhere and it is not correctly inferred from args[0] either.

Example program attached.
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