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Date 2011-12-08.00:53:17
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The _curses module has two issues on OpenSolaris:

 - using the default curses library, mvwchgat() cannot be found and _curses module compilation fails
 - there is a "XPG4 curses" library. I tried to use it using various hacks in _cursesmodule.c and, but test_curses failed with a crash.
 - if the readline library (not the Python module) is linked to libncursesw, the compilation of the _curses module fails because cchar_t is not defined. I suppose that curses.h is the bytes library, not the ncursesw Unicode library.

See issue #12567 for the ncursesw issue and issue #3786 for the mvwchgat() problem. The issue #3786 contains information about XPG4 curses and has a (non working) patch for the mvwchgat() issue.


I opened a new issue because #12567 is more specific to Unicode, and #3786 talks about various issues (it is not specific to curses).
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