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Date 2011-12-05.21:42:49
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> First, I don't understand why we need to check both "" and
> "".

Because we always did, i.e. changing it now may break backwards compatibility. Now, as for why we always had * also: it may be that calling an extension module might not be feasible if it needs to link with a system library called (rather than 

I don't know how serious this problem is in practice - we may consider deprecating-then-removing * from the import machinery.

As for checking both "" and "": that's for backwards compatibility also. Existing build processes may produce, as they did in previous Python versions (in particular, if they are not based on distutils, but, say, make). Unfortunately, PEP 3149 did not specify a deprecation scheduling. You could ask Barry - I suppose that was an oversight, and not actually deliberate.

Of course, with being present, removing * would be easy enough, except again for breaking existing projects which might use that name.
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