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Author vstinner
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Date 2011-12-02.01:11:56
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The overhead on PyObject_Malloc() is just an increment on an integer, so it is very low (or null).

The feature is interesting, but I'm not convinced that a very simple counter is enough to track memory leaks. It may help the CPython test suite, but what about real world application?

> I think we should hide at least the initial implementation
> behind PY_REF_DEBUG until we're sure we've worked the kinks
> out of it.

Programs not always behave exactly the same in debug or in release mode. Sometimes, bugs disappear in debug mode :-(

If the feature is written to track memory leaks in the CPython test suite, it's ok to only expose the function in debug mode.

> Right now this patch will allow to enrich the daily refleak runs

Did you already found real leaks using your hack^Wpatch? (was c6dafa2e2594 found by your tool?)
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