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Author vstinner
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Date 2011-12-01.00:43:30
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> Gregory's patches to sanitize threading's lock should have fixed this

The subprocess hang still occurs something, it just happened:

[110/363] test_threading
Timeout (1:00:00)!
Thread 0x404888c0:
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/", line 1513 in _communicate_with_poll
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/", line 1438 in _communicate
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/", line 850 in communicate
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/test/", line 32 in _assert_python
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/test/", line 50 in assert_python_ok
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/test/", line 441 in _run_and_join
  File "/srv/buildbot/buildarea/3.x.bolen-ubuntu/build/Lib/test/", line 497 in test_3_join_in_forked_from_thread
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