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Date 2011-11-30.15:11:44
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>> Not meaning to sound petty, but wouldn't it be common etiquette to
>> retain some original copyright notice from original code intact..?
> It seemed to me that Nadeem had rewritten everything from scratch. Is
> there any code of yours in the current module?

That is correct. Based on my experience with the bz2 module, rewriting
from scratch seemed to make more sense.

>> Oh well, I thought that I'd still earned a note with some slight
> credit at least
> I completely agree.  Sometimes people get credit for simple bug fixes
> (count me among them) so the author of the first working implementation
> deserves some recognition IMO.

Of course. How does this look?

    diff --git a/Misc/ACKS b/Misc/ACKS
    --- a/Misc/ACKS
    +++ b/Misc/ACKS
    @@ -502,6 +502,7 @@
     Peter van Kampen
     Rafe Kaplan
     Jacob Kaplan-Moss
    +Per Øyvind Karlsen
     Lou Kates
     Hiroaki Kawai
     Sebastien Keim
    diff --git a/Misc/NEWS b/Misc/NEWS
    --- a/Misc/NEWS
    +++ b/Misc/NEWS
    @@ -400,6 +400,7 @@
     - Issue #6715: Add a module 'lzma' for compression using the LZMA algorithm.
    +  Thanks to Per Øyvind Karlsen for the initial implementation.
     - Issue #13487: Make inspect.getmodule robust against changes done to
       sys.modules while it is iterating over it.
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