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Ok, so, what do we make of this? I proposed improvements to the wording in the documentation, which make it much clearer for users what they are buying into when they start using minidom. I still think that "factually correct" but clearly misleading documentation is not helpful and that it needs fixing. Here is an updated phrasing that I hope we can settle on:

:mod:`xml.dom.minidom` --- Pure Python DOM implementation


:mod:`xml.dom.minidom` is a pure Python implementation of the Document Object Model interface, as known from other programming languages. It is intended to provide a smaller and simpler API than the full W3C DOM.

Note that MiniDOM has a several times larger memory footprint than :mod:`xml.etree.ElementTree`, the light-weight Python XML library in the standard library. If you do not need a (mostly) compliant W3C DOM implementation, but a fast and memory friendly XML tree implementation with an easy to learn API, use that instead.
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