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Date 2011-11-25.21:03:38
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I just realized that I left out a major case.  The shell will also
split ().  I think this is now complete.  If you do "man bash" and
skip down to DEFINITONS it lists all the control characters.

I've attached updated versions of and test_shlex.diff.
They replace the previous ones.


On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 12:25 PM, Dan Christian <> wrote:
> Dan Christian <> added the comment:
> I've attached a diff to and a script that I used to
> verify what the shells actually do.
> Both are relative to Python-3.Lib/test
> I'm completely ignoring the quotes issue for now.  That should
> probably be an enhancement.  I don't think it really matters until the
> parsing issues are resolved.
> ref_shlex is python 2 syntax.  python -3 shows that it should convert cleanly.
> ./
> It will run by default against /bin/*sh
> If you don't want that, do something like: export SHELLS='/bin/sh,/bin/csh'
> It runs as a unittest.  So you will only see dots if all shells do
> what it expects.  Some shells are flaky (e.g. zsh, tcsh), so you may
> need to run it multiple times.
> Getting this into the mainline will be interesting.  I would think it
> would take some community discussion.  I may be able to convince
> people that the current behaviour is wrong, but I can't tell you what
> will break if it is "fixed".  And should the fix be the default?  As
> you mentioned, it depends on what people expect it to do and how it is
> currently being used.  I see the first step as presenting a clear case
> of how it should work.
> -Dan
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