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Date 2011-11-25.17:01:18
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> Of course, that's how it's used.  That's all it can do right now.
:) What I meant is that it is *meant* to be used in this way.

> I was was splitting and combining commands (using ;, &&, and ||) and then running the resulting
> (mega) one liners over ssh.  It still gets run by a shell, but I was specifying the control flow.
Thank you for the reply.  It is indeed a valuable use case to pass a command line as one string to ssh, and the split/quote combo should round-trip and be useful for this usage.

> I'll see if I can come up with a reference case and maybe a unittest this weekend
Great!  A new argument (with a default value which gets us the previous behavior) will probably be needed, to preserve backward compatibility.
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