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> Moreover these dependencies are optional, so there's no need to install them unless they are
> specifically needed
I think about it in the reverse: You want a featurefull library, and disable some things (zlib, ssl, threads) only if you specifically don’t want them (if you’re a Twisted fan for example <async wink>).

> (on a related note I would also add an "optional" in the warning that says "Python build
> finished, but the necessary bits to build these modules were not found" -- I've seen enough
> people complaining that the build "failed" because this dependencies were missing).
Sure.  I read all changesets for Python’s recently (don’t judge) and the addition of this message and further edits to its wording were done exactly to avoid people worrying that their python binary is not usable.

> Explaining how to get them in the build page sounds fine to me.
Okay; do we need to collect info for all major OSes (I’m taking the list of stable 3.2 buildbots to determine “major”)?
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