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Date 2011-11-21.16:58:37
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Before the pysqlite module was made standard it could be edited to link with Berkeley DB SQL instead of SQLite.  I am requesting that the Python build add the ability to link with BDBSQL instead of SQLite.

Below is a description of how to link pysqlite with BDBSQL

Download and unpack the latest version of pysqlite.
Download and unpack the latest release of Berkeley Db (at least db-5.0 or higher).
Build bdb using the following:
cd db/build_unix
../dist/configure --enable-sql-compat --prefix=<bdb install directory>
make install

Next change to the top pysqlite directory. There edit the file setup.cfg to the following:
include_dirs=<bdb install directory>/include
library_dirs=<bdb install directory>/lib

Note, make sure you uncomment the lines with "include_dirs" and "library_dirs"

Next, build and install the python sqlite3 library using:
python build
python install
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