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Hi David.  Thanks for reporting the issue.  I have to warn you that there is a high bar for distutils changes; due to the mass of code out there that relies on undocumented internal behavior or works around old bugs, a feature freeze is in effect and we try to be very careful with the changes we make to fix bugs.  Some things clearly qualify as bugs and can be fixed, some things are clearly new features and are redirected to the distutils2 project, some bugs can’t be fixed because everyone and every tool is used to the buggy behavior.  Here we are in a gray area between bug and feature; one can argue that the behavior is not what is expected (bug), but one can reply that the documentation just doesn’t say that filesystems with millisecond precision are supported (so it would be a new feature).

> For example, I've a file that is modified with an installation prefix.
Modified by what when?

> CDBS runs the build step and after the install step. In build step, the prefix is
> '/usr/local' because the prefix argument isn't supported, immediately the install step
> runs with prefix='/usr', so the file that contains a variable with project path
> modified with the prefix is not copied by distutils, it runs in a different millisec
> but in the same second.
I don’t understand when the file is changed.  (BTW, I read some Debian mailing lists and I had the impression that CDBS was deprecated.)
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