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Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Please don't stress too much about providing an indication that the
> repr has been truncated - it's an error message, not part of the
> normal program output. Besides, the lack of a closing ')', ']', '}'
> or '>' will usually indicate something is amiss in long reprs.

Ok. This makes things easier.

> More useful would be to raise a separate feature request about the
> lack of width and precision handling for string formatting in
> PyUnicode_FromFormatV - the common format code handling means it
> *accepts* the width and precision information for string codes, but
> then proceeds to completely ignore it. It should be using them to
> pad short strings (width) and truncate long ones (precision), just
> like printf() (only in terms of code points rather than bytes, since
> those codes work with Unicode text).

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