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Date 2011-11-02.12:54:22
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> Instead of rewriting your own RawIO implementation, why not use
> _open_osfhandle?

I don't know yet what is the best approach. One important point is to keep the 
HANDLE, to be able to manipulate the open file using the Windows API (e.g. call 
WriteFile instead of write).

I propose a RawIO to call directly the Windows API: file.write() would call 
directly WriteFile() instead of the POSIX wrapper (write()).

We may use it to implement new features like async I/O on Windows (e.g. 

Modules/_multiprocessing/win32_functions.c exposes already some low-level 
Windows functions like WriteFile(). We may reuse the RawIO to offer an object 
oriented API for the Windows multiprocessing pipes. Such RawIO would have 
extra methods, maybe a file.WriteFile() method to give access to extra options 
like "overlapped".
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