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> Did you try with the current branches?

Yes, the test is pass against the current default and 2.7 branches.
One must remove EPIPE from the asyncore._DISCONNECTED frozenset to
make the test to fail.

> Yes, see RFC1122 section
> """
>             A host MAY implement a "half-duplex" TCP close sequence, so
>             that an application that has called CLOSE cannot continue to
>             read data from the connection.  If such a host issues a
>             CLOSE call while received data is still pending in TCP, or
>             if new data is received after CLOSE is called, its TCP
>             SHOULD send a RST to show that data was lost.
> """

Thanks for the pointer. Note that the "half-duplex" FIN-ACK-RESET
occurs when all received data has been read, and a single RESET is
sent when received data is still pending in the stream.
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