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> Binary search with print is done manually. If error not obvious from quick read, in a 20 line
> function, add print around line 10. If ok there, look down and add print later in function. [...]
Okay, so it’s what I thought only I didn’t had the name :)

> More time: read outline, good start.
Thanks!  I’ll publish a repo when I start writing.

> Hadn’t though about coverage.  Will mention it and add a link
> to the devguide part that talks about it.

> Is devguide/coverage.html#using-coverage-py generic enough?
I had a quick look and it looks good.

> We don't have to duplicate the coverage documentation though, mentioning the tool and what it
> does, provide a couple of simple example and a link to the coverage doc should be enough.
Yep, I was thinking about mentioning, nothing more.

>> - running Python in gdb
> This is somewhat orthogonal, but the devguide/gdb page doesn't say how to start running Python
> in gdb (it might be obvious to people used to use gdb, but it should still be mentioned).
If the devguide is updated, I will be content with just one line containing one link in my howto.  Currently we have this wiki page:  I also remember a ubuntu wiki page with more useful info but can’t find the bookmark.

FTR, I will use these resources: and
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