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I done more tests on the Windows console. I focused my tests on output.

To sum up, if we implement sys.stdout using WriteConsoleW() and sys.stdout.buffer.raw using WriteConsoleA():

 - print() will not fail anymore on unencodable characters, because the string is no longer encoded to the console code page
 - if you set the console font to a TrueType font, most characters will be displayed correctly
 - you don't need to change the (console) code page to CP_UTF8 (65001) anymore if you just use print()
 - you still need cp65001 if the output (stdout and/or stderr) is redirected or if you use directly sys.stdout.buffer or sys.stderr.buffer

Other facts:

 - locale.getpreferredencoding() returns the ANSI code page
 - sys.stdin.encoding is the console encoding (GetConsoleCP())
 - sys.stdout.encoding and sys.stderr.encoding are the console output code page (GetConsoleOutputCP())
 - sys.stdout is not a TTY if the output is redirect, e.g. "python|more"
 - sys.stderr is not a TTY if the output is redirect, e.g. "python 2>&1|more" (this example redirects stdout and stderr, I don't know how to redirect only stderr)
 - WriteConsoleW() is not affected by the console output code page (GetConsoleOutputCP)
 - WriteConsoleA() is indirectly affected by the console output code page: if a string cannot be encoded to the console output code page (e.g. sys.stdout.encoding), you cannot call WriteConsoleA with the result...
 - If the console font is a raster font and and the font doesn't contain a character, the console tries to find a similar glyph, or it falls back to the character '?'
 - If the console font is a TrueType font, it is able to display most Unicode characters
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