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Date 2011-10-14.15:53:41
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>> It is not code under the users’ control (i.e.
>> that uses MBCS, but the bdist_wininst command itself.
> bdist_command append configuration data to a wininst-xxx.exe binary.
Are you sure?  The string that’s encoded with mbcs comes from the get_inidata method in; get_inidata only works with strings (either string literals or str objects (in 3.x) given as attributes of the command object or in the DistributionMetadata object).

> Where does this file come from? Can we modify wininst-xxx.exe binaries?
If needed, we can: the code lives in PC/bdist_wininst.

> Use the ASCII encoding is the safest solution
I don’t think so.  Distutils supports author='Éric', so bdist_wininst should too :)
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