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[Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis]
> I suggest to have low-level, POSIX-compatible, 
> (int, int)-based interface in os module and add 
> high-level, decimal.Decimal-based interface in 
> shutil module.

I agree that this is the cleanest approach.
Ideally, the os module stays as close as possible
to the underlying structures.  Also, it is desirable
to keep it fast (not importing a pure python decimal
module as a side-effect of checking the a timestamp
-- making everyone pay the cost for a feature that
few people will want or need).

With respect to the options suggested by MvL,
I support adding new named fields and opposed
to using a flag to indicate a type change (that
would be error-prone).

If new fields as added, their names need to follow
the existing naming convention (st_variable).

-1 on the patch as currently proposed.  I don't
think the performance impact is acceptable.
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