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Date 2011-10-09.09:03:14
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The fact that 1) StrictVersion and LooseVersion have None as default argument for vstring in __init__ 2) __init__ does not raise an exception if vstring is not given makes me think that the intended behavior is that the vstring argument is optional.  Making it required would be a behavior change which would run contrary to the distutils code freeze*.  I don’t feel that the workaround (set self.vstring to '') is okay; I’d rather fix the methods that fail when self.vstring is not defined, like __str__, or document the limitations.  What is your use case for these classes, and what methods need fixing?

* There is a lot of code out there that will break if we start to add and remove
  things, so a freeze was decided and we work on distutils2, a new version.
  distutils only gets fixes for real bugs.
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