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When using getAttributeNS, attributes with no namespace should be considered as having the default namespace for that scope.  See examples in  Python's xml.dom.minidom will always set the namespace to None for attributes that have no namespace prefix.

I've attached a test program to illustrate this issue in action.  The output I get is:
[((None, u'attr'), u'value1')]
[(('', 'xmlns'), u'http://path/to/ns2#'), ((None, u'attr'), u'value2')]
[((u'http://path/to/ns2#', u'attr'), u'value3')]
Successfully got child3 attr value

In the first two cases the namespaceURI is None, but it should be set to the default namespace specified in the root element.  I believe this problem occurs with all *NS functions.  Not tested in 3.x.
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