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Attached a new patch that adds support for named sequences (still needs some test and can probably be improved).

> There are certainly advantages to that strategy: you don't have to
> deal with [\N{sequence}] issues.

I assume with [] you mean a regex character class, right?

> If the argument to unicode.lookup() and be any of name, alias, or 
> sequence, that seems ok. 

With my latest patch, all 3 are supported.

> \N{} should still do aliases, though, since those don't have the 
> complication that sequences have.

\N{} will only support names and aliases (maybe this can go in 2.7/3.2 too).

> You may wish to return the alias in preference,
> however. That's what we do.  And of course, there is no issue of 
> sequences there.

This can be done for 3.3, but I wonder if it might create problems.  People might use to get a name and use it elsewhere, and the other side might not be aware of aliases.
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