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Hello Gilles,

The libffi-4.2.0-3 I used, was coming from the previously mentioned repository:

That said, if I click on <Source> link, it points me to <>
So, as far as I understand, it's the version of libffi coming with gcc project and so of the same release as the gcc 
available at this place i.e. 4.2.0-3.

What's the difference with
It's very not clear to me: reading this announce: <>, it seems 
that gcc one is the merge of the upstream?


PS: As I was fired from my previous position, I don't have any more access to my testing system and so couldn't more 
helpful, sorry :<(

On 09/21/2011 09:07 AM, Gilles PION wrote:
> Gilles PION<>  added the comment:
> According to ffi site (, the latest version is libffi-3.0.10, dated few days ago (which BTW I've been unable to compile on AIX, while 3.0.9 is OK)
> So what are those 4.2.0-3 versions coming from?
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