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> Okay.  Adding the easy keyword to lure contributors.


> I wonder if there is something to fix at all; tar is a smart container
> format whereas zip is simpler, so I would not be surprised if the
> source of the difference is just that zip cannot contain links.

In my mind, that is no excuse for inconsistent behaviour on part of the wrapper. If the *user* (i.e. package creator) had any choice of storing symlinks "as is" or the file linked, I would agree; but there is no option, no parameter, in fact not even a hint at the behaviour. On the contrary, the *wrapper* (i.e. distutils) does have a choice of derefering symlinks in a tar file or not.

So, from my point of view: surprises == bad, options/parameters == good, transparent consitency == best.

P.S. "Explicit is better than implicit" may also apply here. ;-)
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