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Date 2011-09-17.11:28:28
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Here's a patch taking into account the fact that
multiprocessing.reduction might not be available and importing it can
raise an ImportError (which is already the case with the C
implementation, but multiprocessing.reduction tests have been added
recently to test_multiprocessing), e.g. if the OS doesn't support FD
With this patch, the pure Python version can be applied, and passes on
Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows and OpenSolaris (except that it's not
available on OpenSolaris until issue #12999 gets fixed).
I also slightly modified the struct format used in the pure Python
version to make sure the length is sent as a a native int ("@i")
instead of a standardized int ("=i"), which might break if sizeof(int)
!= 4 (not sure there are many ILP64 architectures out there, but you
never know...).
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