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Date 2011-09-15.06:54:38
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> I don't think that it's a problem to remove private functions.


> Is it mandatory to send a non-empty message (first argument for sendmsg, b'x'
> in your patch)? The original C function sends a random byte :-)

Some implementation can return EINVAL if no data is sent (i.e. you
can't send only ancillary data).

> multiprocessing_recvfd() contains cmsg_level=SOL_SOCKET and
> cmsg_type=SCM_RIGHTS, your Python function doesn't check cmsg_level or
> cmsg_type. Should it be checked?

Yes, it should be checked, I'll update the patch.

> I don't know sendmsg/recvmsg API. Do they guarantee to send/receive all data?

For data no, but ancillary data, yes. The only thing that could go
wrong would be a buffer too short to hold the ancillary data, but:
- the buffer size is computed with CMSG_DATA(), so it should be enough
- if the ancillay data is truncated, struct.unpack will raise an exception
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