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STINNER Victor <> wrote:
> > Traceback with faulthandler disabled: ...
> How did you disabled faulthandler?

That was a run with all faulthandler references removed from

But as I said in my previous mail, I also did a run using e91ad9669c08
but without compiling and linking faulthandler, so that _PyFaulthandler_Init()
wouldn't be called. This had the same result, so faulthandler is _not_ the cause
of this bug.

> > Version 9d658f000419, which is pre-faulthandler, runs without segfaults.
> If it's a regression, you must try hg bisect! It is slow but it is fully automated! Try something like:
> hg bisect -r
> hg bisect -b 9d658f000419
> hg bisect -c 'make && ./python -m test test_urllib2_localnet test_robotparser test_nntplib'

If it were that easy! I can't isolate the bug. The only way I can reproduce it
is by running the whole test suite with various random seeds. Then it takes
about 6 hours until the crash occurs in one of those tests.

The whole test suite takes about 24 hours.

I could try to install libc-dbg though.
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