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> If a two-ints representation
> is considered necessary, I'd favor a rational number (numerator,
> denominator) over a pair (second, subsecond); this would also support
> 2**-32 fractions (as used in NTP !!!).

Which OS uses NTP timestamps in stat()? Or are you thinking about other functions?

> As yet another approach, I propose a set of st_[cma]time_nsec fields
> which always give an int representing the integral part of the time
> stamp in nanoseconds since the epoch.

As I wrote before, I would prefer to keep the same number of fields in the Python structure and in the C structure, but I don't have a strong opinion on this choice. If we want to stay close the C API, we can use a namedtuple:

s = os.stat(filename, time_struct=True)
ctime = s.ctime.tv_sec + ctime + s.ctime.tv_nsec * 1-e9

Or maybe:

s = os.stat(filename, time_struct=True)
ctime = s.ctime.sec + ctime + s.ctime.nsec * 1-e9

A namedtuple is not a good idea if we want to support other time resolutions, because some developer may write "s.ctime[0] + ctime + s.ctime[1]" without taking care of the time resolution.

Because Windows uses a resolution of 100 ns and POSIX uses 1 ns, I still don't see why we should support something else. If we use the following API, we can still add other resolutions later (using a new argument):

s = os.stat(filename, nanoseconds=True)
sec, nsec = s.ctime
ctime = sec + nsec * 1e-9

What should be done if the OS only has a resolution of 1 sec? Raise an exception, or use nsec=0? Same question if we add *_nsec fields: these fields are optional, or always present?
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