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> Could faulthandler cause problems like these:

Well, that would explain why it crashes in the TLS lookup code, and why the core dump looks borked.

1) Apparently, Etch on ARM uses linuxthread instead of NPTL: what does
return on your box?

2) If it's using linxthreads, the culprit is likely the call to PyGILState_GetThisThreadState() from faulthandler_fatal_error(), which does a TLS lookup (which screws up because it's running in a user-allocated stack allocated with sigaltstack).
However, this should only happen when a a fatal signal is handled by faulthandler, which should - AFAICT - only happen in test_faulthandler.

Rebuilding faulthandler with

at the top of the file, should do the trick.
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