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> try with _POSIX_C_SOURCE set to 200809L and _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700

_POSIX_C_SOURCE value is set automatically depending on _XOPEN_SOURCE value. I chose to set _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700, instead of 600: it works on OpenBSD 5.0. I don't know if _XOPEN_SOURCE=700 is supported by old platforms.

I don't want to touch such sensitive thing like configure in stable releases.

@rpointel: You can backport manually the fix into OpenBSD for Python 3.2, or (safer?) patch pyconfig.h to set _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700.

According to, it was not possible to set _XOPEN_SOURCE on OpenBSD < 4.7:

  # On OpenBSD, select(2) is not available if _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined,
  # even though select is a POSIX function. Reported by J. Ribbens.
  # Reconfirmed for OpenBSD 3.3 by Zachary Hamm, for 3.4 by Jason Ish.
  # In addition, Stefan Krah confirms that issue #1244610 exists through
  # OpenBSD 4.6, but is fixed in 4.7.

@rpointel: Does the fix work for you? If yes, I will close the issue.
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